Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Morning!

So, I'm all moved into my new place. It's very peaceful. Just take a look at the scene right outside my window this morning at 7am, 7:30 and 8am respectively:

Unbelievable. The only patch of the street being torn up was the few square meters outside my front door. They actually ripped out the front stairs, too, so I guess we were lucky in that we didn't have to try to move all my furniture in over that two foot step. I couldn't take my bike out this morning because of it.

It was funny, though. The worker guys took a break and one of them started ringing the bell on my bike which is locked to the front landing. Then another worker guy said, "Hey, maybe you shouldn't do that. You might wake the girl up." Right, because the cement cutter, bobcat jackhammer, bucket-and-shovel thingie and dump truck wouldn't have disturbed me...

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e-n said...

I randomly stumbled on you site (looking for green tea!) and your "Good Morning!" made me laugh. Cheers!

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