Saturday, May 27, 2006

Wedding Season

This summer, I'll be attending six weddings. That seems like an awful lot to me, especially if you consider that I've only really been to four weddings in the preceding 28 years of my life.

I always love an excuse to get dressed up, eat cake and drink champagne so in general, I'm looking forward to all of them. A couple of the weddings in particular (e.g.) are guaranteed to be a great time. But a couple of them have left me wondering, "Why am I even invited?"

I feel the need to rant a little on a related topic: bridal showers. A bridal shower is a chance for a refined celebration with the bride's friends and family and also the bride's mum's friends. In general, the invitees should be women who are closely acquainted with the bride. This year I got some invitations that were a bit of a surprise: I feel that if the bride would never consider inviting me out for so much as a cup of coffee, she should not invite me to her wedding shower. If we don't know each other's phone numbers, don't invite me. If we don't even know each other's
surnames, don't invite me. Seriously, why do you want a near stranger at your party? If we hardly know each other, inviting me to your shower screams 'present grab'. Like, "Hey, I barely know who you are but I won't be satisfied to only get gifts from you at my wedding. Gimmie, gimmie." It's in such poor taste. Now, you might say, "But showers aren't actually thrown by the bride! They are hosted by her sister or aunt or friend or whatever!" True, but I know from experience that the bride provides the guestlist. Also, I feel that for the shower hostess to send wedding registry info with the invitations is also a faux pas. If I want to get something off the registry, I will inquire about it when I respond to the invitation. Actually, in this day and age, one need only spend two or three minutes online to find what stores the couple is registered at (assuming you know the surname of the bride or groom, which, in one case, I did not)...

Anyway, forgive that sourness. Weddings are supposed to be happy events but of course, there are many, many opportunities for people to get pissy. I'll be off to the first of the weddings this afternoon: two co-workers are gettin' hitched. It's the perfect day for a wedding: sunny, 22C and a gentle breeze. They are lucky for that.

(That warning label was created here.)


nicole said...

I know exactly what you mean about bridal showers (we call them 'kitchen teas' here), and I share your sentiments! Same principle goes for baby showers too, I think.

canadian badass said...

year of the dawg is very auspicious for marriages.

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