Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sweet Ride

Check out my wheels! Yes, I'm getting from A to B in style this summer!

On Sunday, I brought my new bike to my apartment. I use the word 'new' loosely: this bike belonged to Vince's friend's mom and has been hanging in a garage for close to 30 years. She tried to sell it at a garage sale but there were no takers. Sad. It just needed a little work: Vince installed a new chain, new tubes in both wheels, new brake pads, new brake cables and new brake hinge thingies. We also added a basket and front and rear lights. So, after over $100 in upgrades, the free bike was roadworthy.

It works! Admittedly, there is a "skree THUNK" with every turn of the pedals, and indeed I must pedal furiously even on flat surfaces. Also, the pedals themselves are small, tractionless and rather too close-set. Still, it works. Anisa can attest to that: we went for a ride along the Don River trail on Monday and I was able to get the thing up the hills, albeit with some huffing and puffing.

So, it's a fun vintage vehicle and it's going to be very handy for me to have this summer. Still, I must try not to get too attached to it because I am aware of the startling incidence of bike theft in downtown Toronto. Seems everyone has had a bike stolen around here. A girl moved into my apartment building on May 1st and her bike was stolen on May 3rd. She had locked it to a wrought iron fence which is directly below my window. The thieves actually pried the iron bars off the fence to get the bike - I slumbered through it all. Anyway, I have to be psychologically ready in case my bike should be stolen, too, even with its rusted spokes and the extra tape I put on it to make it look even junkier (not pictured). I'm trying to be all zen and detached about it, but secretly, I'm really excited about my new mode of transport!


Atsuko said...

Cute Bike!
I might need to get new bike...

Anisa said...

Its a grat ride, and I loved our day out on the bikes.

Anisa said...

(I swear I can spell, I just can't type!)

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