Saturday, May 20, 2006


-Last summer, in the course of exploring some local alleyways, I noticed this paste-up of a mermaid. I thought it was kinda cool so I took a photo:


Well, I recently learned that the mermaid is actually an installation by a famous street artiste (what they were doing in an alley in my 'hood, I don't know). Anyway, apparently the artist's work is so well known, that you can even buy a shower curtain with that mermaid on it (don't even ask how I found that)! I was surprised to say the least. Art is all around, I guess.

Update April 2015: I have been requested to provide a link to a website displaying information relating to FAILE here.

-Some crazy shit went down on Thursday when my boss' car was stolen from his parking spot right behind our office. This happened at 11:30 in the morning!

 -I just discovered that the convenience store near work sells little loaves of Nagasaki-style castella! They are wrapped in cellophane and tucked in with the Joe Louie cakes. So random! Of course I bought some. Mmmm, nostaligia. It was flavoured with honey and baked in Toronto. Who would have known there would be a market for it here?

-In doing a little research on-line recently, I was very surprised to find out that there is a consortium in Belgium which focussed on a rather specific interest of mine: the management and interpretation of in situ archaeology in urban contexts. When I was writing my master's thesis on that topic, there was absolutely nothing else written on it and I just had to work without references. I thought I must be the only one researching that subject. Just goes to show that if you think you're the only one into something, the internet will prove you to be very wrong every time.

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Hikaru said...

"Castella was able to be preserved for a long period of time, so it was necessary for the sailors who were out on the sea for months."

How long does it last...?? Baked goods that last for months without refridgeration... I'm scared. I would imagine it would resemble a moldy brick of clay. Or is it so sweet that even the mold would have cavities?

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