Monday, May 01, 2006

Dream Trip

I have alluded a number of times to a trip I want to take this year. Since I didn't lose my rent deposit and also because I have been granted two weeks holidays in November, it looks like it actually may happen! And most of you guessed correctly about my desired destination:

List: My Dream for a Trip Back to Japan

Although the five points I listed before could all apply to Australia (except maybe #4), I am indeed thinking of Japan. I do dearly want to go "home" to Oz sometime soon as the last time I was there was for my nan's funeral in 2001 and that wasn't such a good time. The problem is that a fortnight in Australia would hardly put a dent in all the relatives and friends there are to visit (actually, the funeral was a very efficient way to see everyone in a short period of time but I wouldn't recommend it). Besides, it would really be better to go back with my parents, so I'll hope for that in the next few years. I wish it could be next week, though, really. Sigh.

So, Japan is where I'm aiming. Kansai to be exact. Airfare is certainly not cheap from Toronto. I have been watching a certain fare from YYZ to KIX: since February, the price dropped $400 and then went back up $100. I have not bought the ticket yet. Do you think I should rush out and get it, like, today? Or do fares go up and down like this a fair bit? I haven't flown so much recently so I need some guidance.

The photo is of a page in my notebook of the places I want to go in Kansai, in no particular order. Can't quite read what I wrote? It says:

My Dream for a trip back to Japan...
Koya-san - shukubo overnight (shukubo = temple lodging for Buddhist pilgrims)
Nara - temple district
Kyoto - Higashi-yama, Maruyama-koen, Kiyomizu-dera, Gion, Teramachi, Pontocho, Philosopher's Walk, Arashiyama & bamboo forest, Fumanishi Inari shrine, Kawaramachi.... Ginkakuji
Osaka - Umeda, Den Den Town/Namba, Shinsaibashi, Namba Parks
Nishinomiya (where I lived), Takarazuka (where I worked), Kobe Harbour
People to see - Toshimi, Eric, Junko, Aki, kendo people, Atsuko, Izakaya Club boys

Sounds like a great trip, huh?


Atsuko said...

It would be great to see you here in Japan! We've always seen each other in TO so far!

Hikaru said...


mmm, november won't be so mushiatsui so...

go from toronto to sf to osaka. go to hiroshima and okonomimura and on the return trip, bring me back a dozen different okonomiyaki! ^___^

=( hungry now. the one place that serves authentic okonomiyaki in SF is nothing compared to .JP.

nicole said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Andrea.

If you have a chance, you must get to Miyajima (or perhaps you've already been there?).

And Sanuki Udon with Atsuko in Takamatsu! (oishii!)

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