Monday, April 24, 2006

What's in your bag?

whats in your bag?

I think the 'What's in your bag?' group is one of the more interesting groups on Flickr. So, with the aim of letting you get to know me better, I have posted my own entry. What could be more personal than rifling through a girl's handbag?

Be sure to click the photo to read the notes on each item.

I have heard a little more about the apartment I applied for. It seems I'm one of the top two or three contendors (oh my god, it's like 'Apartment Idol'!). If I do get it, it will be fantastic but money will be pretty tight this summer (I also have five weddings to attend which will chip into my budget). If I don't get it, it's too bad, but I will go right out and book that vacation I've been dreaming of. Besides, where I live now is pleasant enough anyways. So, either way, I'll be happy.

Later: I GOT THE APARTMENT! Woo! Thanks so much to Antoaneta for her roommate reference letter and to the rest of you for your good mojo!


osamabeenlaiden said...

looked through that 'whatsinyourbag' grouping... 3 things:
1) the power of marketing: so many people have ipods
2) herd mentality: so many people have ipods
3) women don't carry condoms

Andrea said...

Hm, well I guess I am just another sheep in the heard since I am stupid enough to like having convenient portable access to all my favourite music.

I suppose not having an mp3 player automatically makes *you* fascinating and cool, yeah?

arnie blairo said...

Found your blog via Ceri. Like your pictures.

Tan said...

We have the same phone...except mine is the black version because they didn't sell the silver ones here grrr My favourite phone of all time...the amount of times I've accidentally dropped it on concrete and its barely scratched and still works completely fine...its a freaking miracle :)

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