Thursday, April 06, 2006


Candy Apples

Recently, I've been experiencing some allergic weirdness, like almost daily sinus headaches. And there's a new twist: waking up in total blindness because of "atopic eyelid dermatitis" (i.e. eyes swollen completely shut from an allergic reaction). Obviously, that's a bit disruptive to life!

I saw my allergist this week but she wasn't much help. I just had a scratch test in the fall so I can't be re-tested for a while, although she did take a large sample of my blood. Not sure what for, though... The allergist reckons it's just seasonal stuff and she wants me to pay attention to the daily pollen counts. But to be extra cautious, she told me to stay away from certain foods. Including chocolate.

Give up chocolate? Why not just ask me to give up sleep? Or oxygen for that matter? Even though it's probably just a temporary restriction, it's tough. Chocolate is my one addiction. I really am totally reliant on the stuff. It simply makes me happy. Now, during the run-up to Easter, I've got chocolate bunnies like Mr. Munchy giving me the eye in every store. I just have to bite my lip and look away. Good thing this decree came down after I had already polished off the chocolate buscuits Meghan brought me from Germany!

Wish me luck: this will be hard. Truth be told, I don't mind walking up blind every now and again as long as I can continue to enjoy my favourite food.


Andrea said...

hehe I am allergic to milk but that has not kept me away from chocolate of puddings!! And ice creame!!
I am willing to experience a few stomach cramps for the bliss of a chocolate bar sometimes.

PS you changed your avatar and I didnt know who you were. Do you still do kendo?

Ceridwen Devi said...

Milk intolerance is quite common these days, but unlikely to lead to eye problems. However it can cause a lot of sinus problems and phlegm. I only eat dark organic chocolate and have no problems. I don't know what your Canadian equivalent of E-numbers are, but watch out for additives in food. Puddings could be a no no on this account. Good luck.

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