Monday, April 10, 2006

10 on the 10th

10 good things right now:

1. The sun is up when I walk to work and also when I leave. No more living in darkness!
2. Sleeping with the window open: love to feel the breeze on my bare shoulders.
3. Belle and Sebastian's track "Another Sunny Day" (listen)
4. Three day weekend!
5. Don't have to wear heavy boots and the same winter parka every day now! Hooray for rediscovering my many spring jackets.
6. Birds chirping on my windowsill in the morning (refer to open windows, as discussed above)
7. I have that cheerful "the term's almost over!" student-y feeling (although I don't get summer holidays now that I'm grown up, or so they say).
8. After admiring it for about two years, I finally treated myself to this t-shirt. It's perfect and just in time for Easter, too. I will probably wear it year round, though, as my fondness for bunnies knows no season.
9. The level of distraction at the office has gone way down since the field crews are all out in the big, wide world again. This means I can now work for more than three minutes without cries of, "Andrea? Andrea? How do I do/enter/save/fix/resize/align/print/courier this?"
10. Winter is officially gone and it was nowhere near as horrible as last year. I feel as if I've gotten away with something...

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