Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today and Yesterday

Hey! I was just making some cupcakes for a party tomorrow night. I bought one of those icing bag things on the weekend. You know, the plastic sleeve with the different shaped nozzles? Oh my god, I have never made a bigger mess. There is green icing on my shirt sleeves and hem, on my jeans, on my face, in my hair, on the carpet, on the couch, smeared across my day planner and all over everything in the kitchen. Turns out if you put too much icing in those things, it squirts out the top onto every nearby surface. Um, I'll remember that for next time... Maybe I need a lesson or something.

I took a few photos out and about yesterday. From the front window at work, I watched for a moment as kids on March Break played soccer in the otherwise deserted school yard. I tried out the Tilt-Shift technique again: still not quite right but I like the picture anyway. Although it was sunny yesterday, there was extremely high wind.

Tilt-Shift Soccer

Pretty much every day after work, I have the same routine. I go to the gym until 7 or 8 and then I come home to a Spartan dinner for one (hmm, that sounds kind of sad but it's really not). Yesterday night was a little different as a group of us from work ventured to Queen Street for a meal. Despite that strong wind, I enjoyed the walk down. Everyone asked why I would bring my camera on such an ordinary outing but there is always something interesting to see...


Speaking of interesting things to see, it seems there is an exhibition of funky kimono on at Magic Pony at 689 Queen West. I will definitely check that out this weekend.

Our dinner destination on Queen Street was Little Tibet. The occasion was Andrea's belated birthday celebration. Yes, there are less than 20 people at my office and there are two Andreas. It's bothersome. Still, I don't mind sharing a name and generally we are very different from each other. However, we are both Pisces, both chocoholic foodies, have almost the same job and education and we both have a knack for subtle bitchiness when necessary. Anyway, Little Tibet happens to be the very restaurant that Vince and I went to on my birthday but that was only because the nearby Korean place I really wanted to go turned out to be super-trendy and we couldn't get a table. I didn't think the food at Little Tibet was anything special that first time, but yesterday I had much better luck with ordering.

I was about to describe the food in detail, but after having to lick green icing off my arms from elbows to fingertips, I'm just not in the mood. Let me just say it's tasty.

After the lovely dinner, I walked home through Trinity-Bellwoods Park which afforded me a very fine view of the full moon, the CN tower, sky scrapers and some old row houses. I arranged my mittens on a bench to get my camera sitting level and still enough for this night shot. My hands were numb for a long time afterwards, but that's okay.

Trinity Bellwoods by night

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nicole said...

ah yes, the explosive icing bags - last time I used one was years ago, and never since then (perhaps I should give it a go again and be well-prepared with apron etc etc??!).

Love the tilt-shift stuff you are doing - they remind me of model villages I visited in England when I was a kid.

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