Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This girl needs a holiday.

Oh Canada

I first realized it when I got all moody as Anisa told me about her latest thrillingly exotic trip abroad: I need a holiday. Badly. Seems everyone around me gets to go places. But I haven't been anywhere new since my ill-advised trip to Vancouver for a job interview two years ago. Okay, I guess I did go to New York City last summer, but somehow that didn't feel like a holiday. And this year, I will be eligible for some vacation days as I have now been at my job long enough. So, if I start saving my pennies now, maybe I could have a real trip! Here are my requirements for choosing a travel destination:

1. As my job is season-based, a summer holiday would be out of the question. I may be able to get somewhere in November or maybe late October. So, I want to go
somewhere that is pleasant in October and November.

2. Because of the unusual season, I expect to travel by myself. That's no problem, I actually prefer to travel alone. So, it must be
somewhere where I'm totally fine by myself.

3. Being by myself is fine, but it might get dull to be alone for two whole weeks. It would be cool to go
somewhere where I know a few people to hang out with.

4. Obviously, I want to go
somewhere where I can do a lot in a fortnight without too much traveling between points.

5. I want to go
somewhere where I actually want to spend time.

I have a specific place in mind. Can you guess?

And maybe I won't get the days off to be able to go, but right now, just the idea of traveling somewhere has cheered me up a lot.

PS: Hi, boss! I know you check up on me from time to time here. About this holiday thing? We'll talk.


nicole said...


Or Australia somewhere?

The weather's nice here in October/November!

ewan said...


Kinki said...

I'm with Nicole on this - Japan or Australia, although my instincts tell me Melbourne!!! Hee Hee.

Atsuko said...

Japan would be great! though I thought it'S England...

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