Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hurry Up, Spring!

Kay, I know three inch cork wedge heels aren't going to carry me through the ice, sleet and snow. And it will be a lo-o-o-ong wait 'til open-toe shoe weather. But I couldn't resist the cuteness or the cheapness!

What's getting you through the last dregs of winter?


noname82 said...

Okey, while you are waiting, I want to send you something you will probably enjory looking at, as an international woman's day gift or appreciation gift of being a viewer. Can you provide a mailing address please? Don't worry, I am actually someone you know and not likely to meet again, and I am just been watching Amelie too often lately...hahah

Atsuko said...

I was so happy to take my sandals when I was on my vacation in Malaysia! Even here in Japan you can't wear them yet!!!
don't think I should bring them in April eh? hey let me know if you are free sometime while I'm there!

Hikaru said...

it is 5-7 degrees in the SF bay area, and raining.

in the meanwhile, it is 23-33 degrees in Ho Chi Minh City...

what is pulling me through is the personal drive to get from here to there.

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