Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guessing Game

A long-awaited package appeared in my mailbox today. Can anyone guess* what this mystery object is? Hint: the metal mesh part slides up.

*The prize for the winning guess is a feeling of satisfaction.

Answer: Nicole's guess, the first of the five, was correct. I expect you guys were just being good sports by continuing to make guesses. Yes, this is a tea infuser. It's called the Teastick and it's pretty great. Plus it makes me feel like I'm from the future. Works better with large leafed green teas than with small particled black teas, though. I bought mine from this dude.


nicole said...

is it some kind of tea infuser that hangs on the side of your mug?

Anonymous said...

Is it for taking soil samples with?

Cletus McCoy said...

Balderdash! That there is one of them Toe Jam Graters, ain't it?

Hikaru said...

it's a speculum for an ikea, one size fits all kind of gal... XD

no no, sorry, but i just wanted to share this:

i'd be kinda upset if my wife were being two-arm tummy touched on TV. poor gavin ^^;

ewan said...

some kind of file used on a kendo stick...???

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