Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crime Update

It's been more than a month since The Mugging and I know you're wondering, "Andrea, have you changed your ways after being victimized by wandering hooligans?" Yes and no... I have not confined myself to my apartment in the evenings for fear that it might happen again, although I do accept that it might happen again. I guess you could say I'm more cautious, more vigilant, more aware of people around me. These days, when I'm out at night, I keep my cell and my keys in my coat pocket so that if someone gets my bag I won't be locked out and stranded. Also, I don't carry much cash - no more than I can afford to lose. Plus, I never listen to my iPod out after dark although I was never much in the habit of doing that anyway.

I haven't stopped my habit of walking around in the evenings. That's something that I've always liked doing and I won't be stopping. As an undergrad, I'd frequently go out for a breath of air or a wee snack in the middle of all-nighters in the Bloor Street or Chinatown parts of downtown Toronto. When I was living in Nishinomia, my apartment was in a kind of sketchy neighbourhood with lots of pachinko parlours and bars, near the harbour, but I'd go for bike rides around the docks at 1 or 2 am whenever the mood struck. I also lived in ever-so-dodgy King's Cross in London. Even though I would routinely venture out after midnight to stretch my legs or to do my groceries at the 24-hour Islington Sainsbury's, nothing ever happened to me. Here in my present life, I like to walk down to Trinity-Bellwoods Park late at night when the weather is good. What I'm trying to say is that I have been street smart enough to keep out of danger for many years worth of late night strolls so two teens with knives on my own street aren't enough to break that enjoyable habit. Besides, the incident in question happened at 8:30 pm, which is hardly late, is it?

I have been keeping a very keen eye out for the boys who robbed me of $5 because I feel really bad about not reporting them earlier and for not getting a good description of them. I'd dearly love to redeem myself to that police officer who was so very disappointed in me. But I haven't seen them. A couple of times while walking down the street, I've seen two figures coming towards me and I jump a little, but they were always just normal law-abiding folks. About a week after the mugging, I was walking past the small neighbourhood corner store which, apparently, gets held up once every couple of months. I glanced though the window of the store and I saw two very rough looking guys leaning over the counter and I saw the shop lady standing with her hands on her head. My heart started racing because I was certain I was witnessing a robbery and I was about to call the police. But I caught the eye of the woman through the window and she gave me absolutely no reaction. I stared for a moment longer and I realized that one of the guys was filling out a lottery ticket, which I'm pretty sure no-one would do mid-robbery. Also, you wouldn't make the clerk put their hands on their head when you needed them to clean out the till and the cigarette shelf, would you? So, I walked on. I have since observed that the shop lady ALWAYS stands behind the counter with her hands on her head. What an awkward and misleading posture...

(Read about Operation Cromulent's much more exotic mugging here)


Olaf said...

I hope I'm not mistaken that today is your birthday. In addition to today's event, may we also share a nice day in common.

nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea!!

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