Tuesday, January 17, 2006

True Crime

I just got mugged!
For real.
I can hardly believe it. It was a very odd little exchange between three people just a few doors down from my place.
I was walking home from the gym at 8:30 pm, in the pouring rain. The wind was too strong to put my umbrella up. My street was unusually desterted except for two kids who were walking towards me on the sidewalk. I noticed that one kid had a scarf wrapped right around his face, which I thought was odd because it really wasn't that cold out. As I was passing them, these two kids pulled a knife (knives? I'm not sure) and demanded my money. "Give us all your fuckin' money or I'll fuckin' stab you." I was taken off guard: "Huh? What?" I only saw one knife but one of the boys was standing behind me and I never did see if he had anything. The knife I did see was not very scary. It looked like one of my dad's old Boy Scout knives. The Swiss Army knife I was carrying in my purse was certainly sharper. I looked at the knife and I looked at the boy: there was no way he would go though with it, although I had a flash of curiosity about how it would feel to actually be stabbed, and what would ensue. Then I realized that I was wearing my super-dense new winter parka and heavy snowmobiler's mittens. That knife would never make it though all my layers of clothes without some serious force behind it.
I put my umbrella on the ground and pulled my gym bag off my shoulder. I expected they would just take my bag and run. But they didn't. They were still demanding that I get the money. "Just calm down!", one boy said. "I am calm!" I said, and I really was strangely, completely calm. I suspect he said that because he himself was not at all calm.
So, I started rummaging through my bag looking for my wallet. I got the wallet out thinking that at least they would run off with that, but still they didn't. This was a very amateur operation indeed. So, I opened up my wallet and found that I actually had no bills in there at all (have I mentioned recently how pov I am?). I unzipped the coin compartment and scooped out some change. There was less than $5 in there but I deposited the coins into the black-gloved hand of one of the guys. "Sorry, that's everything in there." "Are you serious? Fuck!" Yeah, they were disappointed but they took the change and jogged off towards College Street. I continued walking in the same directions, about 50 metres to my home.
If they had taken my bag, they would have gotten my cell phone, my iPod, my credit card... As I said, they were not pros. Anyway, forgive the cliche but it was all very surreal. There was a lot of chatter between me and the muggers and they really didn't seem to know what they were doing.

This has only just happenned so I haven't got anything more profound to say right now.

LATER: I told Vince about what happened and he's quite upset that I didn't report what happened to the police. I have to admit I didn't really think of it: I couldn't give any information at all about the two besides the colours of their jackets and "They went thatta way." Of course I would have reported right away if they had guns (I'm terrified of guns) or if they had hurt me at all or if they had been adults, but it all seemed so half-assed... Now I'm kind of freaked out that I'm going to get into/cause some sort of trouble for failure to report a crime. Is that likely to happen? Could I be charged as a result of being someone else's victim? Also, would it have made any difference to anyone at all if I had called the police right away? This is far more distressing than the actual mugging...

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING: Well, I called to report the incident to the police and they sent an officer to my office right away because it was a "high priority crime." Ooops, now I feel really bad about not reporting last night. I made my statement and the officer told me that I'm the fourth victim of these guys. They have been targeting women walking alone in my neighbourhood in the past couple of weeks or so. The officer said it's a shame because otherwise, this is the safest part of the precinct. I guess they're going to be putting some extra community patrols up. Toronto girls, be careful!


Anisa said...

Green tea- that's terrible! I can't believe that happened to you in our fine city. (Its so canadian that they were such poor muggers).
I'm so sorry....

Hikaru said...

so glad to hear you're okay. it sounds like they live in your neighborhood. maybe get a gym buddy for awhile?

they sound so silly, more likely they're bored and do it for a juvenile rush. it's only a matter of time until they're caught.

Atsuko said...

Andrea! glad you are okay.
I thought your neighbourhood is one of the safer ones. you mentioned they are kids, do you think they go to that high school in the area?
hope they'll be caught soon.

Kinki said...

You obviously handled it totally the right way - good for you! Didn't realise Toronto was such the hive of criminal activity... a good lesson in that there are scumbags everywhere, not just in places you'd expect. Take care now, ya heard me!

Netts said...

First, pfew! You handled yourself beautifully. Second, may I suggest you start carrying your kendo sword (or whatever it's called) around and give those two a good beating if you ever run into them again. Though it's almost funny and quite reassuring that this is what passes for a 'high priority crime' in that neighborhood.

nicole said...

Glad to hear you are ok, Andrea. Sounds like you handled the whole situation really well. Take care!

Mike said...

I half expected you to say that once you realised they had zero chance of actually stabbing you through the coat that you just said "no" and walked away :) Glad you didn't get hurt.

Andrea said...

Yeah, although I wasn't too threatened by the knife, if I said "No" and walked away, the two fellows could easily have taken me down and punched or kicked me, which was not what I wanted to happen. Also, even though the parka protects me from knives, the bulk prevents me from moving quickly. Running away was not an option in that get-up.

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