Monday, January 16, 2006

Rock On.

Last week, Toronto experienced unusually warm weather for a January. The temperature was up to 7, 8 and 9 degrees Celsius. It felt very spring-like with the misty mornings and evenings... Being outside was bearable. On Saturday morning, I was jolted awake by rattling window panes and howling wind. The temperature dropped and we suddenly had to contend with -15 C plus windchill. So sad that the beautuful days fell from Monday to Friday...

Still, I managed to have a lot of fun this weekend. Thanks are due to the various people who did the planning for special events (winter fun has to be organized, it's not spontaneous like in summer).

Strategy, strategy...

One of this weekend's activities was a curling party. Ahhh, curling. It had been a long time: how I missed the fresh tingle of the air, the low and steady rumble as the rock makes its journey across the ice... I hadn't curled since 1997, when I was part of my high school's varsity girls' curling team. Yes, curling is the one and only sport that I don't completely suck at (I started curling as a recation to being cut from the field hockey team). In fact, I even won the curling MVP award in my graduating year. Not that being MVP out of 8 players is a big deal, but I'll take what I can get.

Slip, Slide, Curl

As you can see above, my tactic was to distract our opponents with my multicoloured outfit. Maybe it worked because we won 5-2. Is there any activity more small-town Canadian than a game of pick-up curling followed by beer/hot chocolate in the wood-panelled lounge?

Blue Wins!


Atsuko said...

Curling! Very cool.
WEmen with brooms...

Hikaru said...

absolutely No idea what you're doing with those big plug-like things, but that's a mighty lunge you got there... ;)

totally unrelated, but doncha fink that with the new year that it's time for some commitment and drop the contingency? ;)

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