Friday, December 16, 2005

Walking Home

Walking home from the office Christmas party. It was the perfect winter night: loads of fluffy snow, no wind and temperatures mild enough to go without mittens for up to ten minutes.

(Speaking of the office party, had you any idea that real-life archaeologists, such as the ones here, could be such hot numbers?)


huy said...

wonderful pictures, beautiful face.

if i don't leave a comment before the 25th... MERRY XMAS!

Hikaru said...

i for one have never sheltered the thought that archaeologists are anything but attractive. i don't think the masses do either, with their indy and their lara...

speaking of office incongruities, would anyone imagine that the most highly esteemed lady in our large electronic gaming corporation, according to the gents' consensus, happens to be an accountant with three kids?

business cards can be deceiving. and sneaky thieves.

Andrea said...

Great photos.

Merry Christmas if I dont say anything before the day.

And the archeologists are quite good looking, they also look like a lot of fun.

mike said...

You take a cute photo ;)

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