Thursday, December 29, 2005

I take my salmon maki burnt

Sad news! The perpetual favourite of myself and my friends, New Generation Sushi has closed suddenly. Apparently, a fire destroyed the kitchen and dining room a few days before Christmas. New Gen will be missed very much by the Annex crowd as it is rebuilt... Hurry back!

Still, there's something about a fire in a sushi kitchen that strikes one as odd.

(photo borrowed from


Ceridwen Devi said...

sorry about the sushi bar!
as a small consolation Ifan and Ceri would like to let you know
that your mittens pic has been
voted Soothing and Relaxing
Picture of the Year by the
"Radical Ranter", a prize that
reflects the tone of a blog that
always inspires. Hwyl Fawr

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo! Not New Gen! I am heartbroken.

Andrea said...

Thank you for all your kindness, Ceri and Ifan!

Toni: it really is too much to bear when you think of all the fine meals we've both had at New Gen... Let's hope it returns better than ever.

Callum said...

that's such a nice Canadian idea, putting a get-well-soon card on a building? I love the idea, I don't see it going down well over here- the only buildings that end up in flames are the Starbucks'... and its not even May. Ah, those crazzy commies, hey Happy Neeeeew Year Andrea!

No new iBook for christmas then?

Anonymous said...

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