Sunday, November 20, 2005

Look what I made!

My First Mittens

I learned something new this weekend: how to knit mittens! I feel oh so clever. The mitts look kinda deformed on my hands in this photo, but I promise you they turned out perfectly. I took a class at Toronto's knitting hot spot, Romni Wools. So far, I've been pretty hopeless at figuring out knitting directions from patterns. But this time, the pattern just made sense to me (the thumb part was especially fun).

Recently I've been completely overwhelmed with crafty urges. Maybe it's because my job allows for no imagination whatsoever. I write reports for submission to government agencies (it's pretty dry so I spice things up by drawing really colourful maps and diagrams). When I get home every night, all I want to do is make stuff. Knitting, taking photos, cooking, flower arranging, blogging, scrapbooking... I'm mad for it all. There's no harm in that, I guess, although it could be a sign that I need more creativity at work...


Hikaru said...

kawaisugi~! >_<

i can't help but smile.

you're like glowing, btw. ^_~

J of G said...

Remember all the time you used to spend doing/avoiding homework? Well now that no one is making do things, it's enjoyable to find things to do!

nicole said...

those mittens look fantastic (and nice and warm too!).

sounds like you've got the creativity bug...which is definitely a good thing :)

what's your next project?

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