Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Your Candy Belongs to Us!

The dead and the damned

On All Hallow's Eve, the dead (Anisa) and the damned (me) walk the Earth in unholy unison.


Hikaru said...

pirates for teh win! (x_o) \/

yay, yet another reason why you're so cool.

Andrea said...

I thank yee.

My single freakish eye is naturally blood red, by the way.

Did yee partake in any Hallowe'en pillaging and plundering, Privateer Hikaru?

Hikaru said...

ooh, i like the spiffy new blogger icon.

pillaging and plundering? not really. i'll blog 'bout it, but i spent the day feeling under the weather, getting >3< smog checks done on my car, and unable to sleep/in pain, because i snagged my finger and ended up partially tearing my fingernail from my finger... =/

(randomly, i was checking my referrals and linked back here. turns out i'm one of the top google hits for "pirates versus ninjas" after having only written about it once... crazy crazy.)

Hikaru said...

easier than digging up an email adress... a gift.

an editorial written yesterday from your Beau, in time magazine.

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