Thursday, October 27, 2005

It was 10 years ago today...

Unity Rally

The Montreal Unity Rally, October 27th, 1995

Grade 12. At midnight, we wandered from the Hallowe'en Dance in the school gym to the buses idling outside. With the strains of "Thriller" still in out heads, we travelled through the night: eight hours to Montreal. En route, we used masking tape to write "NON" on the windows of the buses. Someone brought face paint. I drew a red maple leaf and a blue fleur-de-lys on one boy's face.

Three days until the Quebec Referrendum! As politically sensitive teenagers, we felt we couldn't watch our country fall apart without protest. So we thought that by being there, we could make some kind of difference. Yeah, high schoolers are like that...


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medea said...

I can't believe it was 10 years ago!

I also can't believe I was a believer in the Yes campaign. I guess that's my Alberta sovereignty roots showing through. I am quite ashamed of that now.

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