Monday, October 31, 2005

C'est l'Halloween, HEY!

Haunted Mansion

A little treat for all those former French Immersion kiddies out there...

Click here to hear the 'C'est l'Halloween' song!

Les sorcières sortent le soir.
Les fantômes aussi.
Le ciel est tout noir.
Les nuages sont gris.
Est-ce que tu as peur
des méchants esprits?
O Monsieur,
Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui.

C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween, HEY!
C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween.

Pendant l'Halloween,
tu peux être ce que tu veux.
Un tigre féroce
Ou un serpent bleu.
Il se fait tard,
Tu rentres à la maison.
O Madame,
Non, non, non, non, non.

C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween, HEY!
C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween.

La lune, elle est pleine.
Le hibou, il crie.
De toutes les branches,
Pendent les chauve-souris.
Est-ce que tu as peur
de cette nuit?
O Madame,
Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui.

C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween, HEY!
C'est l'Halloween! C'est l'Halloween.

-by Matt Maxwell, who also brought us other Grade 1 hits like "Frere Jacque Rock 'n' Roll" and "Le Rock des Dinosaurs"


Huy said...

happy halloween!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Hallowe'en to you, too!
I'm sitting here at the office, all decked out in my trecherous pirate costume. Except everyone else who said they would dress up today chickened out.
Arrr, there be many disappointments in life and many chances to be made a fool...

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Les said...

I can't believe that "Louis la Grenouille" didn't make your list. For shame!

Carrie said...

oh my gosh! i learned that song in grade one at sir james douglas annex :) i was searching for it and i'm so glad someone remembers the lyrics. ahh, nostalgia.

carrie said...

p.s. this was in '95/'96

Andrea said...

I feel old now. I was around the 1984/85 vintage...

Leila said...

Hey, I have been searching for an mp3 of that song for-ever. Please save the day and tell me you have it/know where to get it/would sing it to me over the phone...

(kidding about that last one.)
email me at with it, or link me to a yousendit?

JeN said...

I have his "loup du nord" tape from back in the day. I still listen to it on occasion. It's got "Le Rock des Dinosaures" on it. I wish Matt Maxwell was more well known. I've been trying to find an mp3 of this song (and of his other albums because I am a nerd).

Eva said...

Merci Beaucoup!!! I have been trying to remember the words for C'est L'Halloween since 1986 while in French Immersion and I've only ever remembered one verse and hummed the rest (LOL) now I can sing it to my children (who are in French Immersion) with all the words. Awesome!!!! And Happy Halloween to you :)

Mostly Lisa said...

w00t! thanks for that. ahh the memories. Ol' Jacquers was favourite tape during my early years in french immersion.

Anonymous said...

I love this song. I might be just in grade 7 but I learned this song like 8 years ago. I remembered it because my little sister just started kindargarten and she was singing it today... C'est Halloween, c'est Halloween HEY!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much this song is amazing back in french immersion in grade five !

skier_girl said...

omg......this song takes me all the way back to kindergarden (I am 21 now......Thanks for the memories

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE THIS. I've been looking for this for awhile. I doing my degree in teaching and planning to teach French. I learned this song in grade 4 (I wasnt in immersion). I think I learned this in 88.. yes, im old.. im 28!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT SONG.....along with BONJOUR L'HIVER (another one that me and all my LFI buddies learned in grade six! we would sing non stop!!!!) :D

Anonymous said...

You can purchase the CD (Comment ca va) by going to the web site AIM Language Learning. Check it out. Wendy Maxwell is the wife of Matt and she started this new way to learn French. At any rate look around and you will be able to buy any of his CDs. My favourite is Louis la grenouille.

sumit said...

i love this song..............

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