Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Your Wheels are Turning but You're Upside Down

Today was my second day back at work, but I feel I may have returned prematurely. I'm not much use to anyone at all here at the office. My head is in a fog, I can't think straight. I also have a headache, a fever and a very upset tummy. I have loads of work to catch up on, but I'm getting nothing done. I stare at my computer screen and I get lost and befuddled by my task. I still need to be here, though, because in a strange twist of fate, I am actually supposed to be supervising someone (this week only).

Yeah. Just so I don't feel like the last eleven days have been a complete waste of my life, here's what I managed to accomplish during my so-called recovery period:

  • Started and finished 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. Goodness me, the ending is a bit distressing, isn't it? I feel as though I've had the wool pulled over my eyes in Books 1 though 5. However, things aren't usually as they seem in Harry's world, so maybe some elaborate misunderstanding will be revealed in Book 7.
  • Got to be very good at impersonating The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come - my preferred method of communication was to point at something dramatically and to say nothing (in a meaningful way).
  • Lost eight pounds. I am pleased.
  • Set up my dad's computer to run on OS X.
  • Watched an hour of 'Coronation Street' every day. The CBC's on strike, but I'm very happy with their stop-gap programming!
  • Chose which Continuing Education class to take. I'm all registered for Hands-On Floral Design: this is an exciting 'hands-on' course that will teach students the basics of floral design. Students will learn how to make floral arrangements, centrepieces and wearable flowers. Learn the technical aspects of floral design and arrangements including proper floral composition, decorative elements and basic floral care. You will learn how to manipulate colour and texture to create fabulous centrepieces. Ribbon making, wiring, taping and basic floral care will be covered. You know, I'm probably much more girly and crafty than you guys realize... Language classes can wait 'til next term. I'm still keen on the idea of bellydancing, but I decided that for half the cost of the class, I could just buy a couple of instructional DVDs so I can 'shake it' whenever and as often as I please.

Hmmm, that doesn't sound like very much after all, does it?

  • Almost forgot my biggest accomplishment: I knit about 25cm of my kid silk scarf. I made several mistakes on the basketweave pattern because my mind is a little messed up from my meds, but you can't really see. It looks good!


Hikaru said...

^_^ wai, very nice. you've been more productive than me. =/

maybe i should get my tonsils or appendix or wisdom teeth taken out or something... i could definitely support meaningfully pointing to and losing eight pounds.

and hun, i don't know how ungirly you might feel, but we're pretty certain, if you blog about knitting... ;)

good to hear you're back up and running. ^)^

medea said...

The ending of HBP is distressing. I can't help but feel that Harry made the wrong choice about his love life at the end, as well.

Getting your dad's computer to run on OSX means leaving the world a better place, I think.

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