Saturday, August 27, 2005

Who's Gonna Drown in Your Blue Sea?

Twickenham Blue Crowd
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Barely two weeks until U2 arrives in Toronto! Fan photos like this stunning one from Flickr have me feeling beyond excited. As you know, I have floor tickets to the first and second shows of the final leg of the Vertigo tour. These will be my fourth and fifth U2 shows. I seem to have the magic touch when it comes to U2 tickets: for the '97 Popmart tour, my number was pulled first in the TicketMaster random wristband draw and I ended up getting front-of-stadium seats for myself and my friends. We were so close, we couldn't even see the giant lemon! I was so close, that Bono actually spoke to me during the concert (we shared a 'moment'). The thing is that I'm getting greedy - I feel like I want to attend more than just two of the four Toronto shows. I know where I can get fully legitimate tickets, but they're $170 each. Tough call...


nicole said...

argh so jealous of you, Andrea!! They're not even coming here :(
Please take heaps of photos!

Atsuko said...

hey Andrea,
I sent you an email though it didn't get through. Over quota it said. I have a news!

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