Monday, August 22, 2005

The Tonsillectomy - Three Days On

Hi, how are you? It's now been three full days since my surgery. I seem to be feeling worse with each day, but I understand that's how the recovery goes for this procedure. Swallowing really, really hurts - it's almost unbearable. My neck, ears, jaw and mouth are also very sore, and my tongue is swollen, too. I still can't talk, so I'm relying on charades, made-up sign language and pen and paper for communication. Well, I can manage a few strangled whispery sounds, but it hurts too much to do often. Despite this, I seem to be having a better time of it than others have described, as I've had no bleeding or vomiting or shakiness. A spot of fever, but nothing severe.

I was given a prescription for oxycodone (Percodan/Oxycontin) by the surgeon. I can now easily see how people get hooked on these pills. I totally live for 6am/noon/6pm/midnight when I take my dose. Each pill affords me one euphoric and pain-free half hour which I use to chug as much water as I can stand, and to try to eat something. The last two hours before each new pill are pretty rough - everything hurts and I get quite peaky. I try to sleep though these times. I'm already concerned about what will happen when my prescription runs out: I only have a 10 day course and I understand that days 8-12 can be very painful..

I was going to write something less dull than this but I'm suddenly very tired and queasy. Sorry, will try to write something more entertaining tomorrow...

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Atsuko said...

Sorry to hear you have such a pain.
"itai no itai no tondeike" (like when I was a kid my mom used to say)

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