Thursday, August 18, 2005

slice 'n' dice

I could look you in the eye and tell you that I'm not nervous, and it'll be the truth. But the churning in my stomach betrays how I feel deeper down than where I do my thinking.

Like most people you ask, I'm not a fan of pain, I'm not fond of needles and I hate not being in control of the situation I'm in. Still, this is just minor surgery, so I know it's not a big deal. I'll be fine.

See you when I see you!
love from Andrea


huy said...

seen it done at least a few dozen times...

you'll be fine!

break a leg!

jason said...

Good luck, Andrea. I know after my surgery, the last thing I wanted to do was update a blog, or even open my eyes. Hopefully, we'll see you back on the web in a few days.

My only piece of advice is to eat and drink as much as you can. I know it hurts, but the more nutrition and hydration you have, the quicker you'll get better. Just take tiny little bites and sips.

Atsuko said...

Ganbare Andrea!

Hikaru said...


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