Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Learning = Fun

Just want to let my local friends know that the Toronto District School Board's continuing education schedule for fall is up and registration starts on Monday the 22nd. The list of classes and locations is in pdf form here.

I'm having trouble choosing what class to take. Here's what I'm thinking of:
  • Intermediate Mandarin - Last term, I took Beginner's Mandarin, so it would be good to keep moving along. I'm wary because I have no plans to go to China or Taiwan in the forseeable future: I might be wasting my time...
  • Intermediate/Advanced French - It's good to brush up in case I ever want to get a federal job. However, I feel like trying something new. Also, I'm not looking for a federal job.
  • Beginner's Sewing - I want to learn! But I don't have a sewing machine.
  • Urban Gardening - Too bad I don't have a garden, either.
  • Beginner's Guitar - I used to play, but I've forgotten how (I used to do a mean version of 'Bookends' by Simon and Garfunkel). This could be fun...
  • Chinese Brush Painting - Cool! But it's only offered as a 'senior's day program'.
  • Introduction to Knitting - It's way the hell across town.
  • Egyptian Belly Dancing - Sexy! And I like the idea of using my belly for fun instead of for nothing. But it conflicts with my favourite gym class.
  • Intermediate Japanese - Lord knows I don't get any chances to use my Japanese any more, but this class is for people 'who have already mastered hiragana' , so I think it might be a little too basic. There is no 'Advanced Japanese' class offered.
  • Floral Design - This is the front runner so far.
There are so many interesting classes to pick from. I've got some thinking to do... What do you recommend I take?


Anonymous said...

I'm totally in favour of the cedar canoe building class. Who doesn't need a canoe?

Netts said...

belly dancing!!! you never know when you'll need to shake it baby. but i love prissy hobbies so i'm all over the flower arranging too.

huy said...

french of japanese... i personally would go for french, but even if the japanese is too basic for you- language isn't like riding a bike, so it still could do you well.

2nd place- guitar.

Hikaru said...

kendo, and japanese.

(and we learn not because we Need to, but because it's Fun!)

i have major problems focusing on one instead of many. throwing up sticks in the air and grabbing at a handful, all you're left with is a random diffusion of yellow... and that does dirk, you, and me no good. (funny allusion and metaphor in one...)

i'd stick to kendo and japanese before they become memories and embarrassing anectdotes of "i used to..."

nicole said...

i'd say Mandarin or Belly Dancing! (or both!)

Atsuko said...

well, if you like, I only speak japanese when I go back there in Jan... you know I can speak japanese eh? :D

john said...

I will donate my Mom's old sewing machine that is sitting in my closet at this very moment. I used to be a good sewer. Now I can't put the bobbin in right or control my speed.

Andrea said...

Wow, so much advice. Thank you!
I have some more info to add:
1) i just heard that the teacher of my favourite gym class is leaving, so belly dancing is now a viable option
2) the people in the Intermediate Japanese class will have the background of the 9-week class preceeding it. my background is 2 years of a high school course, 4 years of university Japanese and one year of practical use. i really don't think i'll get anything out of that class.
3) my boyfriend has suggested two more: adobe illustrator & photoshop (i use these at work, but i really want to take something more fun) and beginner's cantonese (his family all speaks cantonese). the cantonese class is also on the other side of the city.

Front runners are still flower arranging and belly dancing. More classes start in January, so this is hardly my last chance to take Mandarin or French! BTW, kendo is not related to the equation.

Hikaru said...

ya, but i like to break the rules, na.... ^__^

but cantonese is such an ugly tongue, na.... -_-

no belly dancing. it'd be a bad image change. gomen. any other form of dancing = ok desu.

if you have spare time to learn, does it Have to be spent within the boundaries of an institutional learning facility?

btw, ignore all this advice and go with this one: like, when you're oooold (like 30 >_< -- joudan, lollers) what do you want to be good at?

soooo many choices. =/

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