Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I've been naughty

On Sunday, I went to my beautiful local wool store to exchange one hank of rather expensive merino tape which was unused after I finished knitting my shrug (FYI, because of the unknown nature of knitting, wool stores always let you exchange left-overs). I had wanted to swap it for a different colour of the same wool but the blue/green blend I wanted wasn't in stock. So, I roamed around the cavernous temple of wools, looking for something similar. Of all the gorgeous colours and textures, the one that I liked best was this kid silk from Fleece Artist, a Nova Scotia company. It's 30% silk and 70% kid mohair, so it's luxuriously soft yet it holds its shape. The colour is unususual: it's a misty mix of emerald, turquoise and charcoal (blue and green is my favourite colour combo). I absolutely love it! Now, this is certainly some fancy wool, so I was surprised and delighted to see that this hank of wool was marked as the same price as the wool I was exchanging. But, after further rummaging, I found that the all the other skiens of the same wool were marked with a price which was almost double what my skein was marked with. This was a super expensive wool. Clearly, the very bundle I wanted had been badly miss-priced. Without really thinking about it, I took the wool to the register and they exchanged it, no hesitation. Now I feel really bad for ripping off this lovely store and the helpful people who work there. Perhaps it's their fault for not being more careful pricing their wares, but I still fell I've done wrong.

I'm planning to make the basketweave scarf from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation with the yarn, but a scarf made from ill-gotten wool may feel uncomfortably tight around my neck...

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Patrick said...

Well, perhaps it was priced the way it was for a reason, and that you were meant for each other so that you could create with it.

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