Thursday, August 04, 2005

Apple Update

After all that grief I was having with my iBook and iPod, things seem to be fixed now. When my iBook magically turned on one day, I bought an external hard-drive and backed up all my data (I know I should have been doing that all along, but there's nothing like a near miss to make you do the sensible thing). Then I took it to my local Apple repair place and they installed a new logic board. I didn't have to pay anything, since it was all under the logic board repair program for that particular batch of dud iBooks. My iPod mini, it turns out, was not salvageable so the folks at the Apple store swapped it for a new one. Well, not really a new one but a new iPod of the older model. In the end, I wound up exactly where I had started. I had kinda been hoping I would get a little something for my troubles (a replacement iBook or a newer model of iPod) but I suppose that was just techno-greed on my part.

I've been using Blogger recently because I was unable to update my iBlog when my laptop packed in. Now it's all fixed up but I'm reluctant to go back to my old ways. I've been able to post much more frequently with this web-based blogging, during lunch break at the office, or at a friend's home... Perhaps I'll just stay here at Blogger until I can get internet access at home.

1 comment :

Hikaru said...

good to hear you're back in the digital realms. =D

more posts = happy hikaru

i like blogger over apple's blogging service, even though blogger's style pages leave something to be desired...

(it's raining, 3:18am, i have a eight hours of meetings in the morning, and i'm here surfing the net. silly, silly me... nite nite)

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