Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today sucked.

My iBook stopped working. It was fine last night, but this morning, it won't turn on. I press the start button and nothing happens. I have three years worth of essays, notes, photos, e-mails and music on there, not to mention my masters thesis and my entire blog. I know I should have backed everything up, but the iBook is the basic 2002 model which has only a CD-ROM drive, no disk writing abilities. What could I do?

I tried everything the .Mac support forums suggest for the problem, to no avail. So, it looks like I'll have to go get in line at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, which means I have to miss my spinning class tonight. I love spinning and I hate missing that class.

The air conditioning is broken at the office. It's unbearably hot in here. Just typing this has me sweating more than I do at the gym. It's now 11:45 am and I haven't been able to concentrate on any work yet today. Also, there's the distraction of the tech guy sitting beside me who is loudly whisper-singing and finger-drumming along to the Metallica on his headphones. Very irritating.
Moreover, I have stomach pains for no particular reason.

Updated later...
The office continued to get hotter and hotter all day. My stomach was still hurting and we had a visitor at the office who brought along a crying baby. The only bright spot was that we had a subsidized popsicle run because of the heat.

At 5pm, I logged onto the Toronto Genius Bar website to make my appointment, as per my instructions. At that moment, the office's internet connection cut out, so I couldn't proceed. Would have to just get in line myself at the store.

I stepped out onto the street and found that rain was teeming down. Usually, I adore the rain, but I had no umbrella, I was carrying a disabled iBook and I was wearing non-waterproof white Birkenstocks. I ran to catch the bus to the subway station but was unable to traverse the cross-walk (drivers were ignoring me). Finally, I got across and ran, ran, ran down the street but couldn't catch up with the bus. So I waited in the rain, trying to calm my athsmatic panting after my sprint down the street.

I caught the next bus, and went into the subway station. Again, I ran, but the train doors slid shut when I hit the platform. Again, I waited and caught my breath. I boarded the next train and realized, to my dismay, that I was headed the wrong way! I never do such stupid things, which shows you what my state of mind was. So, I changed trains to head east, and then changed again to go north, each time, running with train doors sliding shut when I hit the platform.
In the end, I made it to the Apple Store, rain-drenched, out of breath and fearing the worst for my precious iBook.

The news was not good. After a long wait, the "Genius" tried all the same tricks I had tried from the .Mac site. His diagnosis? A wrecked logic board. The treatment? Pay $700 to repair or $1250 to replace.

I cried. At the Apple Store. I am, after all, a girl. A girl who loves and needs her iBook.

Lucky for me, I am also a girl who has a very kind Apple-geek boyfriend who was there to hold my hand for the bad news and to help me dull the pain with a big greasy dinner afterwards.

So, all things considered, today sucked.


Hikaru said...

buy a new laptop instead of repairing. a 2002 ibook is very different than a 2005 ibook, and the 2005 is not that much more expensive, but more powerful/feature-rich. (remember to get at least 512MB RAM. if it's not standard. and read my comment on

remove the old hard drive from your dead system, plug it into an external case and you will have 100% all your files intact. a "fried logic board" does nothing to your hard drive.

if you know a geek, you can have them help you. the process is pretty simple: undo some screws, pop off the back of the imac. the hard drive will be connected to the logic board with a long, skinny plug. it will also be connected to the case via adhesive tape. tear off the tape, unplug the plug, done. you should be able to plug the hd into any 2.5" external hd case, which will plug into any pc usb or firewire port.

another solution is to have some company recover the data for you -- a bit more costly, but readily available if you don't know anyone who knows how to search google, use a screwdriver and remove tape... =D

Callum said...

Oh my god. Andrea that is so sad... I can understand the tears - I don't think I'm exagerating but if my iBook (also a 2002 version) died I would have very little interest in anything for a very long time It is not worth mulling over.

I work for a Laptop Specialists - we don't really 'do' macs - but I know disc recovery. If its your logic board (2002 - most probably is) then you can get someone to unscrew that little iBook and save the HDD, using a Laptop HDD - IDE cable you could then plug it into any old PC to make a backup. I'd then go about (you have nothing to lose) taking the whole iBook apart, make sure everything looks nice and clean and put it together again. This fixes a mind-blowing amount of issues with our customers. Its tricky with an iBook - but here's a link:

for the HDD:

As Hikaru says - just get a geek to do it. I will - if you want I have a friend in Toronto right now - she'd pick it up (oh, i know its a big place right?) fly it over to Scotland and i'll pull your hard disk out send it to ya - if I can keep the rest :D Sorry to make light of the situation. *cough*

Get on eBay and buy a Wallstreet, you can pick them up (G3 333Mhz) for around $500 USD? If your into something newer I've got a buddy (ebay Buddy) in the US who could send you up a 2003 Powerbook 15" for about $1100.

Anyway. Just trying to help - your having a terrible time. Drink some tea?

deap said...

Have you seen this:

It seems your iBook is one of models listed. Check if 3 years passed since you bought it.

Huy said...

that totally sucks... I wish you luck finding a replacement!

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