Saturday, July 30, 2005


I'm here and having fun!
Memorable moments so far include...
-seeing the Finger Lakes from the air
-the reactions of the Japanese girls sitting behind me on the plane as we looked down on NYC: "Sugoi! Sugoi! Su~go~iii! MetCHA akaru jaaaan! Suuugooiii!"
-a brisk and breezy taxi ride from LGA to Boerum Hill, with the Manhattan skyline in sight
-meeting Antoaneta and checking out her new Brooklyn digs (great apartment, Toni!)
-buying cheap and outrageous sunglasses in a garish Brooklyn shop
-upon arrival in Manhattan, I headed straight for Dean & Deluca. The carrot cupcake I bought was so fantastic that I ended up with cream cheese icing all over my dress (and all over my face but I didn't realize that until a few hours later...)
-The Met
-walking, walking, walking (over 60 blocks worth just in the afternoon)
-visiting Antoaneta's corporate realm in Times Square
-my first ever manicure in an all pink nail bar, washed down with a couple of pink martinis
-dinner at the very French Bar Tabac on Smith Street
-drinks with Julia and Ravi in Park Slope
Three more days of exploring still to come...

The Roof Garden


huy said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

nicole said...

sounds fabulous, Andrea.

Your photos are brilliant too :)

Atsuko said...

Great pic!
Cool that you are having fun and experienced "sugoi suggooooi" ;)

Benjamin said...

lovely sculpture, setting and photograph. i've taken the latter to my blog. hope you don't mind. nice site x

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