Sunday, July 17, 2005

I demand satisfaction

Hi guys. I've regained my composure and have now set my sights on taking care of this computer problem. The fact is that I don't have the cash to repair or replace my iBook (um, I just don't have a month's pay lying around). But there was a recall of my model for the part that went bust. I just hope they'll help me out. I've been a loyal Mac user since 1987: I demand satisfaction! Will let you know the situation as it develops.
On other subjects, yesterday afternoon I took a completely spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls with Vince. It was fun except for (1) driving the wrong way for 150 km before I piped up and said "Do you actually know the route?" and (2) having our passports taken away and being sent to the holding pen for an hour at the US border, basically because the custom guy didn't like the look of us... We did check out the US side of The Falls, bought exotic American candy and then went back to the Canadian side to wander around the fancy new casino. Will write more later when I can share my photos.

PS I whipped this blog up in, like, 5 minutes using a template. Cool, huh? But why is there a big gap below the entry title? Oh wait, that's only in IE...


Yorugao said...

hey Andrea, I like the cute "ocha set" :)

Andrea said...

Thanks! I found it via Google ages ago and was waiting for a reason to use it! The source is this website:

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